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  October 2016  
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7th Grade CBC Volleyball Champs!!!!

Cross-Country 2nd Place in CBC

The Benjamin Logan Middle School is a part of the Benjamin Logan Local School District rural campus which is located six miles outside of Bellefontaine. The Middle School serves grades five through eight with an enrollment of approximately 560 students. We stress academic rigor and relevance, the importance of responsible citizenship, and development of each student’s abilities and interest. The BLMS is rated Excellent with Distinction by the state of Ohio. Go Raiders!



The 5th and 6th grade S.T.E.M. classes have been busy engineering various designs this month.  Our unit has focused on an introduction to the design process, surrounded by an Olympic theme.  The students were asked to assume that the 2020 Olympics would be hosted by Bellefontaine, so they have been designing prototypes of various things we would see at the next Olympic games.  Throughout our unit, they have also been learning a number of engineering terms as well as implementing the steps of the design process.  The first design challenge consisted of students looking into the past to observe strength in shapes in old Olympic structures, and taking the ideas they learned to the design table to create the strongest structure they could.  Some of their designs were able to hold over 100 pounds!  The students also had a challenge to create a parking garage prototype to hold at least 8 toy cars.  All designs were successful, and some even held up to 40 pounds after the redesign.

The latest challenge was for students to create landing pad prototypes for Olympic gymnasts.  The athlete was an egg that had to drop from different heights onto the students’ landing pads without breaking.  Before designing, students learned about kinetic and potential energy, as well as what material worked best for absorbing shock.  They then used the information they gathered and created landing pads using foam, bubble wrap, and cardboard.  As the designs progressed, the students’ creativity kicked in and they began building caps for their designs in order to hold their eggs.  By the redesign phase, all landing pads successfully caught eggs from a 6.5 ft. drop.  As we wrap up this final challenge, students will present their journey through the design process and explain how energy was created and lost during the egg drop.  This challenge also wraps up the Olympic engineering unit.  We look forward to seeing the future engineered projects in the coming challenges!


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Middle school band students have had a busy fall so far with multiple performance opportunities.  As they do every year, the 7th and 8th grade bands performed at Middle School Band Night with the high school marching band.  They played "My Generation" by The Who, “Wipe out" by The Surfaris, and the Benjamin Logan Fight Song.  The two middle school bands also played music in the stands with the high school for the first half of the game.

A handful of students from the 6th and 5th grade bands also performed at The Holland Theatre in Bellefontaine with a touring brass band from Austria.  The students took part in a two-day workshop after school and were then asked to join in playing a couple pieces for their live performance.


Hello, BLMS parents of band and choir students.  The BL Music Boosters would be thrilled if you could volunteer at a concession stand this school year.  Our organization raises money for our music departments (K-12) through the time and dedication of volunteers helping at the BL concession stands. 

Please follow the simple instructions below to sign up:

  1. Click on the Music Notes: 123
  2. Click the corresponding link and select your desired event.

Thank you so much for supporting the music program your talented children are a part of.
 Benjamin Logan Music Boosters