October 2015  
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The Benjamin Logan Middle School is a part of the Benjamin Logan Local School District rural campus which is located six miles outside of Bellefontaine. The Middle School serves grades five through eight with an enrollment of approximately 560 students. We stress academic rigor and relevance, the importance of responsible citizenship, and development of each student’s abilities and interest. The BLMS is rated Excellent with Distinction by the state of Ohio. Go Raiders!

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Artist-in-Residency at BLMS
“Magnificent Motivational Mural”

Benjamin Logan Middle School welcomes visual artist Duarte Brown on November 2 & 3.  Mr. Brown is known for the 2D mixed media murals that he creates with groups of students.  He is also instrumental in the Columbus program known as Transit Arts where he teaches young people to “dream big on the journey to reach their destination of greatness”.  The words and artwork that Mr. Brown shares with our students will impact them in a hugely positive way.

The mural that BLMS students will be creating with Mr. Brown will have a tree theme, symbolizing growth, family, friendship, and much more.  Each student will create a hand that will represent the foliage of the trees.  The mural will also include words, some surprise portraits, and vibrantly amazing colors.  The mural will be created as a school community to promote positive character.  The overall goal will be to inspire the viewer, giving them a sense of hope and encouragement.  The event and the finished mural will motivate our students to dream and to become all that they aspire to be.  The project will promote goal-setting, problem-solving, and teamwork.   

Integration of the visual arts and language arts will take place as students create art as well as write about key words for the mural.  Key words include family, generations, hope, love, grow, dream, friends, nurture, forgive and planted.  Students will also be researching the meanings of their names.  They may create their hand art in a way that they feel represents them.  The hands may include words, colors, symbols, and other representations students discover as they create.

The mural project is funded by a Building Wide Grant from the Logan County Education Foundation.  Mrs. Jennifer Davis wrote the grant and arranged for the artist-in-residency program with Mr. Duarte Brown.  The LoCo Arts program is also kindly providing funds for Mr. Brown to work with the BLMS Art Club students after school on Nov. 2 & 3.  Thank you to both organizations for helping with this amazing project!  The completed mural will be located in the BLMS commons.  The mural will beautify the building as well as inspire all who see it.  Mr. Brown will leave us with a remarkable work of art and lasting impression on our hearts. 


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