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The Benjamin Logan Middle School is a part of the Benjamin Logan Local School District rural campus which is located six miles outside of Bellefontaine. The Middle School serves grades five through eight with an enrollment of approximately 560 students. We stress academic rigor and relevance, the importance of responsible citizenship, and development of each student’s abilities and interest. The BLMS is rated Excellent with Distinction by the state of Ohio. Go Raiders!


6th Grade Ikidirod!


Sixth grade students have been building their knowledge about animal intelligence in their latest ELA unit.  During the unit, students have learned about the Iditarod race through books like Gary Paulsen’s ‘Woodsong’, and articles like ‘The Race Against Death’ and ‘Is the Iditarod Cruel to Dogs?’.  In addition, students followed the 2017 Iditarod race that started in early March; they eagerly watched the mushers they picked cross the finish line in Anchorage, Alaska. With the excitement of the Iditarod, students were motivated to argue whether or not they thought the Iditarod was cruel to dogs in their argumentative essay. 

To further our students’ excitement, the unit was immediately brought to life when we were enlightened by a local sprint musher! Our guest speaker explained the difference between his mushing experience and that of the Iditarod mushers. Our speaker shared stories, videos, and even brought in the gear he wears and the sled he runs during races.  Students immediately made a connection with the language he used as they had recognized words like gang line, and snow hook from ‘Woodsong’.  Students were amazed to see these items first hand, and were intimidated by the size of the snow hook.  Sixth graders went head over heels as our guest brought in one of his own sled dogs ‘Polar’.  We were shown how to harness a dog, and Polar was even attached to the gang line.  Needless to say, some students left the presentation with more ammunition for their essays to argue that dogs are born to run the Iditarod.  Some kiddos were inspired when they realized mushing can be done here in Ohio, and are ready to get sponsors so they can begin their mushing careers!

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                PTC Fund Raiser ...

The Middle School PTC held their Good Cleaning Fundraiser in March.  379 containers of detergent were sold for a total of $17,055 with a profit of $6,632.50 going to the PTC.  Top sellers were: Gabriel Boysel (31), Sarah Sharp (28), Riley Brandyberry (25), and Alex Strong (25).  The PTC organization funds the following: Washington DC Scholarships, Young Americans, renovated the MS playground, purchases school equipment and classroom resources for teachers and students. To the right is a video of PTC president Mr. Mike Schmidt awarding the top sellers with their prizes.  




BLMS April Newsletter



   April Students of the Month...


On April 12, the 4th grade took part in the second annual Ben Logan Instrument Petting Zoo.  Not only did all students have the opportunity to meet high school students, but they also got to try out each of the beginning band instruments to get an idea for what they can play next year as middle school students.

More information will be going home to parents on how their student can become a part of the Benjamin Logan Band program.

The video below is just a taste of the exciting afternoon they have ahead of them with Mr. Bowers, Mr. Kelly, and the high school band students!