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Thursday, April 15th is the breakfast challenge. The winning grade level will win
2 cookies on Friday, April 16th.

Thursday, May 13th is the Breakfast challenge. The winning grade level will win
ice cream on Friday, May 15th.

The district is beginning to collect Open Enrollment Applications for the 2021-2022 school year.  Please complete the google form below for each child you have attending Benjamin Logan under open enrollment. 

Art Display

Mrs. Davis’ art students have art on display at Ameriprise Financial Services in downtown Bellefontaine.  All architecture-related artworks were chosen for the display.  Students having their pieces displayed are: Peyton Vermillion 7th Grade: Chalk Pastel Castle, Maddox Vermillion 5th Grade: Marker City with Crayon/Watercolor Resist Sky, Daylin Varner 5th Grade: Chalk Pastel/Glue-Paint Big Ben, Kylie Harner, Sophia VanVoorhis, Keegan Lacher - 6th Grade: Perspective Scenes in Watercolor Pencil and Shelby Watkins - 8th Grade Pencil Cityscape.


7th Grade Visual Communications


In the seventh-grade visual communications class, students put their communication skills to work creating ad campaigns for their very own invented products or services. Students are encouraged to go beyond limitations and be as imaginative as possible. Students first decide if they would prefer to invent something to do or play, wear, eat, or someplace to go. Next, in small groups, they write product descriptions including the most important features for their target audience. Next comes the creation of their product logos. Groups then plan and create magazine ads and video ad storyboards. Finally, they bring it all together on a display board and present to the class. After the conclusion of their presentations, fellow classmates get to ask questions about the product, often leading to further discussion and more ideas. Students have a lot of fun dreaming-up their products, creating their logos, and advertising their products.


9:   Jr. Hi Track Mechaniscburg Invite @ 4:30pm
12: MS Jazz Band 3:15-4pm
13: MS Jazz Band 3:15 - 4pm
After School Detention 3:20-4:45pm
 Ignite Leadership Team Activity 3:30 - 4:30 pm
      Quad Track Meet @ ILake 4:30pm

15: BLMS Breakfast Challenge 
COG 3:15 - 4:30pm
Art Club 3:20-4:45
      BL Invitational Track Meet 4:30pm
17: Saturday School 8 - 11 am

7th Grade Science 123

 Students in Mrs. Frosythe's 7th grade science classes have been studying atoms and the  elements of the periodic table. They used a giant carbon atom to study the subatomic particles.  Looking at newspaper photographs through a hand lens, they discovered  a lot of empty space, similar to the atoms in matter.  Students then  put their heads together to organize a puzzle, and develop a better understanding of how the periodic table is organized.  Atoms, molecules, and compounds were molded from play-dough, and iron was pulled from cereal with a magnet.  Finally students researched a chosen element, created superhero characters  with those elements and displayed them in a giant periodic table.